Acne Myths

Acne is a common problem that affects millions of teens and adults every year. Because the condition is so widespread, there are also numerous myths circulating about why acne occurs and what you can do to put a stop to the breakouts. This article will reveal some of the most common myths about acne today. It will also provide facts that will help set the record straight on this familiar, but often understood, skin condition.

Acne is Caused by Dirty Skin

Alas, if this were only true! Then acne treatment would be as simple as washing your face more often, right? Unfortunately, this is one of the most common acne myths that causes plenty of inaccurate management of the condition. The truth is that washing the face more than two or three times a day can dry out the skin and result in even more oil being produced by the sebaceous glands. Can you guess what happens next? More oil means more breakouts, and irritated skin from over scrubbing to boot.

Acne is Restricted to Teens

While teens do seem to suffer the bulk of acne breakouts, this is far from a teen condition. In fact, many adults will have to deal with this embarrassing condition well into the adult years. Because of the hormonal changes involved with pregnancy and childbirth, some women will develop acne during this time of life as well. Even babies are not immune from acne's reach, because many will develop baby acne in the first few months of life. Dispelling acne myths like this one is important, because it will help acne sufferers of all ages seek help in dealing with their condition.

You can "Cure" Acne with Dietary Changes

This is another one of the most common acne myths that have caused plenty of confusion and frustration over the years. Teens have given up chocolate, French Fries and many other adolescent favorites in the hope of clearing skin. Yet science has yet to find a definite link between the food we eat and the acne breakouts we experience. That said, there is certainly evidence to support the fact that a healthy diet will lead to healthier skin, so feel free to indulge in fresh produce, whole grains and low-fat dairy products to your heart's content. Just don't expect that healthy fare to get rid of your acne completely or for good.

There is Nothing You can do about Acne

Fortunately, this is another one of those acne myths that the facts refute. There are many effective acne treatments that can reduce current breakouts and keep future blemishes to a minimum. Some can be found at the cosmetics counter and others are at your doctor's office. In most cases, acne treatments are a process of trial and error to see which specific ones will work best for each individual.

If you are dealing with the pain and embarrassment of acne, there is help. If over the counter treatments are not working, talk to your doctor about other options. This is the best source for dispelling acne myths and helping you find the best solutions for your situation.