Acne Prevention

Acne can be an embarrassing and painful condition that affects millions of Americans. While there is no known cure for acne at this time, there are methods for treating current breakouts and ways to prevent future breakouts before they occur. Many methods of acne prevention are easy to do and can be accomplished right at home. This article will provide five tips for acne prevention that you can use to keep breakouts at bay.

1. Develop an Effective Skin Care Regimen

Proper skin care can go a long way in keeping breakouts to a minimum. The first step is to learn how much cleansing is appropriate for oily skin. Experts usually recommend a minimum of two and maximum of three washings daily. Any less and you will have trouble controlling the oil production. Any more and you will irritate your skin, which can contribute to additional breakouts.

2. Use the Right Products

There are many good topical solutions to use as acne prevention today. The most common ingredients found in these products include salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and benzoyl peroxide. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the formulas that work best for you without drying or irritating your skin. Be patient and keep looking until you find the most suitable solution for your skin. It will be worth the effort when your skin remains blemish free.

3. Pay Attention to Makeup

While makeup can help to mask mild breakouts, makeup can also become a culprit in future blemishes if you don't practice acne prevention in this area as well. First, choose water-based, oil-free products that will not clog pores during the day. It is also important to remove all makeup before going to bed, since any formula can back up hair follicles if it is left on too long. It is also important to clean makeup tools, like sponges and brushes, regularly to keep them free of bacteria.

4. Hit the Shower

Sweat can create a breeding ground for acne bacteria, so make sure you hit the showers after working in the sun or any type of strenuous exercise. If acne is a problem for other areas of the body like the chest and back, make sure you are using a non-irritating oil-free body wash as well. It is also a good idea to avoid tight-fitting clothing during these activities, since garments can trap moisture inside, increasing your chance of more breakouts.

5. Don't Touch!

While the temptation to pick or squeeze blemishes can be great, this act will only serve to delay the healing of the pimple, and it may spread the bacteria to create a larger breakout. It can also create permanent scarring that you will have to live with long after the acne has passed. Another effective form of acne prevention is to avoid touching your face altogether as much as possible during the day.

Acne prevention is a good way to reduce current breakouts and keep future blemishes to a minimum. While these methods won't "cure" your acne, they can do plenty to keep the condition to a manageable and less embarrassing level.