Acne Scar Treatment

Thought acne was something only teens have to grapple with? Think again. Many adults have to battle acne as well, since breakouts are not restricted to adolescence. As if breakouts weren't enough to deal with; many have to deal with the condition long after due to severe scarring that can result. The good news is that there is now help available with effective acne scar treatment that can minimize the appearance of scarring or even eliminate it altogether. This article will cover some the most popular types of acne scar treatment available today.

Surface Skin Treatments

For milder acne scarring a topical acne scar treatment might be sufficient. Chemical peels and dermabrasion can be done in the office of a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. These procedures effectively remove the top layer of skin, leaving softer, smoother skin underneath. Dermabrasion uses a tool to "sand" away the outer skin cells, while chemical peels use a variety of substances to have the same effect. Most of these procedures are done on an outpatient basis, using a local anesthetic. Recovery can take up to a week or two, depending on how deeply the procedure worked.

Dermal Fillers

While resurfacing treatments are effective in treating shallow scarring, they won't work particularly well on deeper ice pick scars that are characteristic of acne conditions. The best type of acne scar treatment for this type of scarring is often a dermal filler that can raise the bottom of the scar to make it even with the rest of the skin's surface. These fillers are comprised of collagen formulas that are injected under the surface of the skin to effectively plump the skin from underneath. The major drawback with this type of acne scar treatment is that it will need to be repeated periodically to maintain the results.

Laser Treatments

This is one of the newcomers in acne scar treatment and has proven quite effective in reducing the appearance of many scars that other procedures do not effectively treat. In this procedure, a laser is used to remove acne scarring, provide a new skin contour and reduce the redness that often accompanies this type of scarring. The good news is that laser treatments are often a permanent method of acne scar treatment, meaning no further sessions will be required to maintain results. However, the precision of the treatment requires an experienced hand, so it is important to choose your cosmetic surgeon for this procedure carefully to ensure the best results.

If you are dealing with unsightly scarring from your acne condition, there may be an effective acne scar treatment for you. Talk to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about your options in treating acne scars. It is also important to note that many insurance companies will not cover the cost of cosmetic treatments like these, so you may need to be prepared to foot the bill on your own. However, many doctor's office provide financing options for their patients to make the payments a little easier to handle. More beautiful skin can be yours with the right acne scar treatment.